Gitas Portal is a London based fashion brand specialising in ready to wear apparel and accessories. Known for its clever use of beautiful Ankara /African wax prints, Gitas Portal create pieces that transition well from casual day wear to event wear.

Established in 2011, the brand embodies confidence and sophistication and caters to women from all walks of life. In keeping with its social responsibility promise, Gitas Portal garments are produced locally to ensure that the working conditions and quality can regularly be monitored.

Designed for women who around the world want to express their energy for stylish living, Gitas Portal takes great pride in celebrating and promoting cultural diversity through their diverse range of well-made quality products.


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  1. Saw you on London Live today, fabulous you are!!!!

    Please make clothes for plus size women, do not leave us out.

    Best wishes


  2. Hello, hope all is well. Hope the New Year is treating you good so far. I have an issue I am unable to checkout. I am getting an error message saying no shipping method available. Do you ship to the USA? I do not want the clothing items I am interested in buying to be sold out. May you please provide me with assistance in purchasing my order? Thank you in advance for your customer service and support.

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