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Why we are passionate about social impact?

As the founder of Gitas Portal it is my desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Once a homeless war refugee, I am no stranger to the challenges faced by women, the displaced or marginalised.

Forced to flee Sierra Leone during the Civil War, I am one of the lucky few who escaped, un-raped, unmaimed. Though I do not bear the physical scars, the emotional  and psychological scars do exist. However, I am grateful. The kindness of others changed my life.

Settling overseas gave me a chance to learn a lot about myself but it also exposed me to the negative views in which Africa was perceived. No doubt, this was a reflection of how others saw me too and it troubled me.

Africa is persistently viewed through a narrow lens. There is more to Africa – a side of the story that only Africans appreciate and comes from a place of authenticity.   Stories that are often unheard. No one can tell my story, our stories better than us. The risk of a single story and the damage it creates is evident from the simple conversations I engage in all too often. Conversations that are often about visiting Africa because we are in dire need of help and not because one desires an expansion of the mind through  the experience of culture etc.

The truth is that the human story no matter where on earth you find yourself is never a perfect one. Every community, country, continent, has its own challenges – some shared too; but there is beauty and truth in equal measure giving people hope and things to be proud of. So I am giving a voice to my story- sharing my experiences and the beauty of being an African to challenge, inform and provide alternative narratives.